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Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is seen by many as a city full of bureaucrats, of administrative offices and a defined Monday to Friday culture. What happens at the weekends?  From 22 to 25 February 2018, at nightfall, the city is celebrating Bright Brussels, Festival of Lights which will light up a number of districts in the centre of Brussels. This makes the prospect of spending that weekend in Brussels appealing for many hundreds of thousands of tourists who will visit the city at that time.

The Quay and Sainte-Catherine districts will dazzle with eleven illuminated installations and animations. International artists and groups including the TETRO, from France, in association with Whitevoid, from Berlin, will provide creative lighting for the future Kanal (the former Citroën garage and future museum of contemporary art) by installing the imposing work “Stalactite.”

Coinciding with the Citizen Lights festival in Schaerbeek (held on the 23rd and 24th of February), visitors to Belgium over the festival period will have the opportunity to see a different side to the city. Rapidly establishing a reputation for contemporary art installations the recent opening of Kanal, the new cultural pole and future contemporary art museum, the Brussels-Capital Region is continuing to develop the historical Quays and Béguinage neighbourhoods.  And Bright Brussels, Festival of Light will enable this comparatively rarely visited by overseas tourists area of Brussels to become more widely known. Who, for example – outside Belgium – looks on Brussels as a port city?

Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, says these areas are bursting with history. He must be hoping that not will visitors to Bright Brussels enjoy the festival but see enough of the city to return in the future to see more of the city that calls itself the capital of Europe.

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