The battle for sunbeds

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Why not charge for sunbeds? There has been charging for deckchairs on many Uk beaches for decades.

The big news this morning is not about Donald Trump, Brexit or yet more rumours about internal Conservative party plots to oust Theresa May it is about holiday sunbeds.

For as long as I can remember holidaymakers and the morning rush to grab a sunbed  has been the subject of jokes, angst and annoyance.

Given the vital importance of this thorny subject it is surprising that nothing has been done about the issue before. Until now!

Thomas Cook has announced that, for a trial period, it will be possible to book a sunbed at one of thirty hotels for a sum of £22. You don’t have to rise before dawn and race down to place your towel on the sunbed secure in the knowledge that it is yours for the day and won’t be pinched by some other holidaymakers who will swear that your towel blew away and that it can be found in the bushes over the far side of the pool.

Such a simple solution seems to beg the question why no big company thought of it before, Especially as travel companies have been thinking of ever ingenious ways to part us from our cash by charging for all and sundry such as sitting together with family members and charging for luggage.

Older stand-up comedians who still use gags about beating the Germans to placing towels on sunbeds will now lose part of their act. Modern comedians who don’t use such xenophobic stereotypes have a possible sketch about how travel companies charge for everything including lying down! And Thomas Cook has their name everywhere this morning. Thomas Cook is also German owned so are the Germans being offered reserved sunbeds? Maybe the old time comics still have a skit or two to dream up.

The media has had a fun morning with just about every newspaper, radio and television station reporting it. If Thomas Cook had spent this money on advertising it would have cost millions!

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