Londoners not holidaying in Spain

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Azerbaijan – it still doesn’t have much appeal for Brits

From research conducted by ATOL (which I mentioned last Saturday,) it appears that Londoners are less likely that people from other parts of the UK to holiday in Spain.

It says that only 7% of those that live in London see Spain as their next holiday, compared to the national average of just under a quarter Why should that be? Is it because Spain is still seen as a package holiday destination and Londoners prefer long haul destinations or to put their own holidays together? Is Spain not seen as a “quality” destination and Londoners seek that? Is it because having holidayed in Spain so often they look for something new?

Whatever the real reason is, the research doesn’t tell us although I imagine the Spanish tourist authorities would like to know.

As well as regional variations, there are also age differences as well. Those who are over 55 are three times more concerned about having ATOL protection when booking a break compared to younger age groups. That younger generation has top three priorities for a holiday which are‘good wi-fi’ (35%), ‘free data roaming’ (15%) and ‘instagrammable locations’ (10%). To me, that sounds as though they won’t have much of a holiday as they will be too busy telling people what they won’t have time to do!


I mentioned on Saturday the most popular destinations that the research threw up but the least popular destinations also raise some eyebrows. They are Azerbaijan, Romania, Slovenia, Malaysia and Kenya. Why these? Romania is a growing ski destination in winter as there are fewer delays in actually starting skiing and it is less expensive than in many more popular countries. For the rest of the year, the Black Sea beach resorts attract nearly two million people a year whilst the heritage sites include many mediaeval castles including that linked to Dracula – Bran Castle. The country is popular with German, French and Italian holidaymakers but interest doesn’t seem to be growing that much in the UK.

Slovenia at the top of the Adriatic Sea is easy to get to. You can fly into the capital Ljubljana or go to Venice and take the train from there. Ljubljana is increasingly a city break destination but other parts such as Lake Bled attract Brits which make up the sixth largest source of international holidaymakers.

or Slovenia?

As to why the research shows Kenya and Malaysia lacking much interest I fail to understand. Both countries have strong ties to the UK and have been popular in the past. Maybe this year, responders to the survey are looking elsewhere as they have been there before!

Which leaves Azerbaijan, a country where tourism is still in its infancy at least as far as the UK market is concerned. If you go there it should mean you won’t run into many other Brits so you will have the opportunity to crow about it over your neighbours when you return!

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