Harry, Meghan and British tourism

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the front of Buckingham Palace

Tourists gathered to see the engagement notice?

Hardly had the announcement been that Prince Harry was going to marry Meghan Markle than the tourism industry went into overdrive.

Over the last thirty-six hours I have seen so many press releases that link the couple various places such as the Caribbean. The resort company, Sandals, came out with an engagement offer on bookings using the code ‘SHESAIDYES’ and mentioned that Prince Harry had stayed at two Sandals properties including one in Jamaica five years ago which is long before he met his fiancé! Apart from this over ambitious claim I am not going to mention any of the other tour operators or links. Why should we give them publicity for their quick jump into publicity?

Both Visit Britain and the European Tourism Association said that it was “great” news for Britain and ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) which is based in the UK also said that it was “great” and added “The Royal family is much underrated in terms of its positive impact on tourism and the visitor economy.”

VisitBritain said tourism linked to Royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle generates more than £500 million a year and attracts more than 2.7 million visitors. It added that “2016 was a record year for the number of international visitors into London, and Royal heritage was a big part of driving that.” For some reason, the media started interviewing people outside Buckingham Palace for their reactions and even found tourists that had deliberately made it to the palace “to share in the moment” as one girl put it.

a honey badger promotes Botswana rather than a rhino or elephant. But it does say honeymooners are welcome…

Restaurants that they have been to, country cottages at which they have stayed will all be publicising themselves over the next few months. And that is just in the UK.

Prince Harry as strong links with Botswana and it appear he took Meghan there for a holiday a few months ago. He is the patron of the charity Rhino Conservation Botswana so how has the Botswana media reacted to the announcement? It isn’t on the front page of The Monitor this morning but there is an inside story and the only reference to the Botswana links is “At the centre of the ring is a diamond from Botswana, a country the couple has spent time together over the last year and a half.”

I couldn’t find anything about the engagement and Botswana links in either The Voice or the Botswana Guardian and the tourist board has been quiet as well. (Maybe it is hoping that the couple will spend their honeymoon there!)

It is all  rather refreshing considering our  and the US media frenzy!

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