Getting back to normal in the Florida Keys

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The Hemingway House & Museum in Key West – a popular tourist attraction © Andy Newman/TDC.

Hurricane Irma badly damaged the Florida Keys about nine weeks ago. It is  getting back to normal and much faster than you might expect.

The Keys bore the brunt of the weather but, perhaps they were better prepared that other destinations in the Caribbean were.

Nonetheless, it is estimated that some hotels may not open for another year or maybe not even at all. But the area is getting back to normal although tourists planning a stay there should probably wait until the new year to visit. As it stands at the time of writing, more than 70% of the total visitor accommodation is now open and available for booking.

Over 90% of hotel rooms in Key West and almost 80% of Key Largo rooms are open now and ready for your visit since these two areas were the least affected by Irma. The Lower keys area was more severely hit but, even there, a lot of properties are open for business. The vast majority of attractions throughout the Keys are operating normally. Roads and airports are also open.

A number of tourists holidaying in the Keys don’t stay in hotels but opt for private rentals or Airbnb stays. Many of these are open after their owners have had to complete repair work but a number won’t be available to rent until the new year. It surprised many that, just three weeks after Hurricane Irma hit, some hotels were open again for business but then about 50% of the industry in the keys is tourism.

In the UK you can expect to see, if you haven’t already, ads promoting the Florida Keys and, at the World Travel Market last week, tourism staff were anxious to inform everyone that most of the Keys was open for business.

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