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easyJet – setting up its own system of alliances

The long established airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France long ago sought alliances so that they could book passengers to many more places than to which they flew. The low cost airlines concentrated on providing a cheap no-frills service but charging for extras.

Then a few weeks ago, easyjJet announced that it was signing deals with Norwegian and the Canadian airline, WestJet, enabling it to sell tickets to some additional destinations to which it didn’t fly.

Now it has announced deals with four more airlines some of which you will never have heard of. They are the Italian long-haul airline NEOS, Guernsey’s Aurigny and two French carriers, La Compagnie and Corsair.

easyJet is calling the new system, ‘Worldwide by easyJet’ service. This service is limited to the airports at which the partner airlines also operates such as Gatwick.

Why has easyJet decided on these alliances?

Because it knows that a number of its passengers use the low cost airline to get to where they can join another airline to take them onto the destination that they eventually want to go to. This alliance system enables the airline to take more money from its existing passengers that it would otherwise lose to other airlines. Better to take a percentage of that onward fare than nothing at all.

The tie up with Norwegian allows it to sell tickets into North America as will its deal with Westjet which links Canada with the UK as well as a host of cities in the USA, Mexico and Central America.  NEOS flies to destinations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East from Italian airports; La Compagnie carries travellers between Paris and New York, and Corsair flies from Paris to destinations across Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.  Finally an airline that you probably know, Aurigny, links the southern half of the UK with the Channel Islands.

Other link-ups must be in the pipeline particularly for the lucrative Middle and Far East markets.

Will the next move be for rival low cost airlines like Ryanair and Wizz to set up their own loose-knit series of alliances?

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