Ryanair repulses… again

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The days when air travel was a glamorous affair and immaculately attired staff greeted smartly-dressed passengers with a warm welcome and a glass of bubbly are long gone – something recent Ryanair passengers can attest to.

The low-cost Irish airline that everyone loves to hate is currently the subject of even more vitriol than usual after some 400,000 passengers were informed that their flights had been cancelled due to a “rota mess-up.”

Michael O’Leary’s airline has offered refunds or alternative flights to those affected but many will lose out on other holiday costs including hotel rooms, car hire and event tickets as most standard travel insurance policies will not cover “consequential losses” such as the aforementioned as a result of flights being cancelled by an airline.

But will this be enough to clip the wings of Europe’s largest airline? “Our booking engine is full of passengers who have sworn they will never fly with us again,” says O’Leary. Which says it all… Ryanair won’t be grounded – despite having endured the most humiliating seven days in its history – because, in this age of austerity, it offers to fly you from A to B for a snip.

Nonetheless next time we’re tempted to book that bargain Ryanair flight, we’d all do well to remember that old adage:  “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

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