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tower of london

the Tower of London could be free one month to encourage tourists

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has launched a new plan for a 30% rise in visitor numbers by 2025.

The plan, devised by VisitLondon and backed by more than 100 tourism partners, recommends increasing visitor numbers during off-peak periods and using technology to allow them to see more of the city. Any number of destinations around the world have similar policies so why should this be successful?

One reason is that London has attractions that are not limited to the summer so it can be counted as an all-year destination unlike, for example, some seaside resorts.

Khan said, “It’s important that all Londoners benefit from a growth in tourism. By inspiring visitors to come to our great city during quieter periods like autumn and to find hidden gems off the beaten track, we can ensure that the projected growth in visitor numbers is sustainable and that the tourism and cultural industries work for everyone.”

One of the key suggestions from London & Partners, which runs VisitLondon, is that the industry curates content into seasons or themed months to encourage visitors during off-peak periods. This month sees the launch of the fourth ‘Autumn Season’ campaign, which aims to showcase the city’s cultural highlights.

But there is so much that could be done to stimulate tourism as well as being problems as well. How about concentrating on individual areas of London as New York & Co has done? What about talking to Belgian, Dutch and French school authorities about discounts for students to come over outside the usual travel periods? What about free entry to some exhibitions (or even the Tower of London)  if people travel during November? Other destinations have fixed meal prices at participating restaurants at less-than-busy times of the year. Where is the equivalent in London?

What London can do little about about is declines or improvements in the value of the pound or tourist drop-offs due to security concerns.  But they can mitigate it by clever thinking and nothing that Khan has said suggests that this kind of thinking is part of the plan.

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