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in this hotel there are two chairs in a double room so why can’t there always be two chairs in a double room

As price-conscious hotels compete for our business, I am beginning to wonder if they have forgotten to consider the guest.

My moan today is not about the majority of the facilities, cleanliness or pricing. It is about chairs.

Some of you may wonder why this is of concern given that the prime role of a hotel room is somewhere to sleep for the night. I have long said that as long as I have a comfortable bed and a good shower, do I need anything more. I have decide that there is another necessity – a chair.

I have stayed in enough hotels recently (the more modern ones rather than older ones) to notice that sometimes there is no chair. Taking my tool of trade with me – a laptop – means that I have either stood to write stories or sat on the floor or bed to type. Not having a chair is inconvenient but, for the hotelier, there is a benefit. It makes the room look bigger than it is if an item of furniture is missing!

It becomes even more annoying when travelling with my wife and you find that  – in double room – there is just one chair. Does the hotel consider that only one of us will need to sit at any one time. What is the point of booking a double room if only one person is considered?

The truth is that most hotel rooms are designed for them to be used for two people. The bed is invariable a double, there are two sets of towels but usually only one chair. It isn’t an oversight by the management it is planned to be like this.

But at a time when customer satisfaction is felt to be so important as is anticipating customer comforts how is that those that advise hoteliers about customer marketing doen’t realise that a double rooms means two people. And two people would like two chairs


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