The river beach at Alcoutim

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Praia Fluvial de Pego Fundo

the river beach – © Turismo de Portugal

The Algarve isn’t a place where you will only find ocean beaches. Some people prefer river beaches.

Near Alcoutim which is about 95 kilometres from the airport in Faro (allow about 70 minutes for the journey outside rush hour) the Cadavais stream has formed a pool. At the pool a sandy beach – Praia Fluvial de Pego Fundo –  has been constructed by bring sand from ocean beaches. And when I say that is close to Alcoutim it is less than a half a mile from the centre. It could be described almost as an urban beach.

Like ocean beaches, a lifeguard is on duty during the summer and there is parking, a restaurant, a picnic area and toilets. Unlike some beaches in the Algarve where cliff tops can make it difficult for those with mobility problems to access the beach there are no such problems here. And with no waves, some children will feel safer than being encouraged to venture into the surf at an ocean beach.

Because the pool isn’t the deepest, the water heats up in the early summer so that temperatures can reach about 30 degrees making it warmer than ocean beaches. And being near a river there is pent of shade around for those who would rather watch and read a good thriller whilst watching their children play in the supervised water.

A few years ago not many overseas visitors went to Praia Fluvial de Pego Fundo but it has become increasingly popular. One of the best times to visit is in September or October because the water is still appealingly warm but the number of visitors should have dropped right away. Until half-term that is!


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