The horse town of Pardubice

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Pardubice chateau (Museum of East Bohemia.) Image © Město Pardubice

The Czech Rebublic city of Pardubice is known as a horse town. Never heard of it? You will do since Ryanair has decided to operate direct flights from Stansted to Pardubice as from next month.

Why the link with horses?

For a start this is where Kladruber Old White horses are reared, horses that are one of the oldest and scarcest breeds in the world. The stud farm is about twenty kilometres from the centre of Pardubice which, incidentally, is not just the name of the city but the region as well.

And where there are horses there is usually a racetrack.  Here the Czech equivalent of the Aintree’s Grand National, the  Velká pardubická, is run. Claimed to be the toughest race in continental Europe, it has its equivalent to Aintree’s Becher’s Brook called Great Taxis Ditch. This ditch is jumped just once a year in a race called Velká pardubická which translates as Great Pardubice steeplechase.

But horses are not the only attractions in the city. But horses are not the only attractions in the city. The city is also known for a part of the old city around Perštýnské náměstí or Pernstyn Square where you will find Renaissance houses on either side of the square. There is also a lookout at the Zelená Gate which will not only give you views of the city but places further afield such as nearby castle which now is the Museum of East Bohemia. Is it a castle? It looks more like a fortress to me and certainly not like any castle that you would imagine in your mind. But inside you will find renaissance wall paintings with little changing since the latter part of the sixteenth century.

What Pardubice may not have realised is just how many people an airline like Ryanair is capable of bringing to one destination. This winter they will find out!

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