Primera: a low-cost, transatlantic entrant

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Primera, another Scandinavian airline is entering the low-cost transatlantic market next April to join Norwegian.

From next April it will fly to New York (Newark not JFK) from Stansted and from May to Boston. The Birmingham flights begin in May for both Boston and Newark. And these are just the start for the airline says that it will introduce other transatlantic flights from Stansted.

There will be just two classes of service, the equivalent of economy and premium economy.

What makes Primera aircraft a little different from other transatlantic carriers is that it is using the brand new A321 Neo planes. It means there is just one aisle instead of two but still three seats abreast so the hated middle seat system remains. It also means that there will be about 184 passengers so fewer people to deplane and cope with US immigration and security officials than most other flights. More importantly, for comfort, you get a seat width of 18 inches, slightly wider than the seats used by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian on similar routes.

Tickets are already on sale with prices starting from £149 one-way inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges. But, being a low cost airline, everything else is a priced add-on so what will you pay?

A cabin bag (up to 10kgs) is free but a hold bag weighing up to 23kgs in £25 each way and £9 per additional kg if you go over. Children have only have a luggage allowance of 10kgs and strollers are free. If you buy meals it is £30 each way regardless of whether it is a child’s portion, a vegetarian meal or the standard chicken or beef. A premium meal costs double that for each one-way journey. Seat selection varies between £25 and £55 each way depending on whether you want an exit row seat or just an ordinary specified one.

If you have to make a name change it will cost you £45; an itinerary amendment will set you back £80 and there is a transaction fee of £9 unless you pay by bank transfer in which case it will cost you nothing. Considering that the EU has banned credit card charges from the beginning of 2018, this fee may not apply.



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