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In the beginning there was a company that gathered reviews so that potential bookers could better judge the places at which to stay. Then it expanded from accommodation to attractions and destinations. Finally, after building up trust as an independent voice and the “go-to” place it decided to become a travel agent and booking service. Listings could now pay for premium spots.

At the end of May this year the company decided to alter the rankings claiming that it has listened to its users who selected their accommodation choice by the cost. Instead of the old method of popularity amongst reviewers/users it decided to base rankings on booking popularity, (by just measuring how many bookings TripAdvisor received?) hotel ratings, rates that people paid ( through its own bookings?) and some other variables. This new system became the default listing that people going to the site saw but, in fairness, you can change the settings and return to the old system. But would the comoany retain the trust of its original fans? How independent were the rankings?

How many viewers were aware of the change? How many will assess where they stay and visit  without realising that they aren’t immediately looking at things as they once did?

I didn’t know about the change. I hadn’t been told by TripAdvisor but picked it up from an American blogger, Daniel E. Craig, founder of Reknown. I suggest you read his story to understand what the changes mean. How one previously, lowly ranked hotel that he found shot to the top of the listings shows how significant the change was.

If you have seen the adverts on television from TripAdvisor lately, there isn’t much time given over – if any – to reviews. Craig sasy the same thing about TripAdvisor ads in the USA. The company seems to have decided that reviews are not as important as they once were. This seems confirmed by research studies that I have seen. They say price and personal recommendation ranks higher.

If the company has less confidence in reviews then surely it is now only another booking engine.

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