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How much are the items in your suitcase worth?

According to a survey, adults set off on a holiday with more than £3,000 worth of personal electronic devices, toiletries, clothes and all the other stuff regarded as being essential for a holiday.


In my suitcase I don’t have a Kindle or a Kobo valued at £88.30, two mobile phones £437.66, a tablet priced at £176.58, a laptop priced at £209.28 nor an iPad at more than £176.58. Why do I need a tablet and a laptop and an iPad? This is over £1000 worth of kit. Some holiday! This looks like a mobile office. Do these holidaymakers that bear no resemblance to me really carry all this stuff?

I can’t say that I have ever spent £29.12 on an individual piece of underwear and if I was taking seven items with me I would have bought a multi-pack and saved more rather than spending £203.84.

Who pays £29.85 each for a T-shirt?

I’m beginning to think the responders to this research live a luxury lifestyle and surely cannot be typical of the average holidaymaker.

The research, conducted on behalf of My Nametags, shows that we spend less on swim wear than underwear. The value of our costumes amounts to only £86.97, (which I still consider to be exorbitant for three items and who needs as many as three anyway?) less than half of what is spent on underwear.

It looks like either people do no clothes washing when they go abroad or they take more than they need.

In the meantime I have added up the cost of what I would take on a seven day holiday and, Scrooge that I am, I have difficulty getting it to £800 and that includes my laptop and i-phone! But then I hate taking hold luggage. If I can’t pack it into a carry-on bag and take it with me, I’ve packed too much. With hotel laundry services and shops to sell me the toiletries I need why ship them around the globe just to bring them back again?


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