Taking pesto as hand luggage

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jar of Genovese pesto

pesto from Genoa. It is OK to take as a liquid in hand baggage if you are flying out of the city

I am grateful to the BBC for this story as I failed to see it on any of the main travel or tourism news feeds.

Apparently, pesto, can be taken through customs as hand luggage even though it exceeds the 100ml limit set by the EU. But only if you fly from Genoa in northern Italy.

Apparently, Genoa has a strong link with pesto which as most readers will know is a staple feature of Italian cooking. Since passengers were allowed to carry a jar (up to 500gms) or two smaller ones on June 1st, some 500 jars have been allowed through in hand luggage. There is a caveat. The passenger must donate at least half a euro to Flying Angels, a charity that flies sick children abroad for treatment.

When a passenger has a jar of pesto it is taken and passed through a special x-ray machine.

My issue with this story is that, if it is possible to scan jars of pesto, why can’t other liquids go through similar machines enabling us to take more than 100ml of liquids with us in hand luggage? At least in hand luggage I can keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t leak which has certainly been known in my hold baggage.

And how is that that one airport in one nation can break an internationally agreed air security rule?

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