Bye bye Britain

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Torturous Brexit negotiations, four terrorist attacks in a month, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, a coalition of chaos… it’s time to escape for the summer, says Kaye Holland

July and August are when most Brits take to the skies in search of the three Ss- that’s sun, sand and sea – but, traditionally, they’re two months when this globe trotter stays put.

I’ve always enjoyed spending the summer in London when the capital empties out and I get to enjoy its brilliant parks, carnivals, theatres, restaurants, art galleries, museums and markets in t-shirt temperatures, without the fear of getting crushed.

Fast forward to summer 2017 though and it’s all change. After yet another terrorist attack – this time at a London mosque, on Monday, near Finsbury Park, I figure: aren’t we due a break?

Regardless, many of us appear to be taking one. Over a recent bottle of wine with friends, the usual question was asked as to what peoples’ plans were for the summer?

Those that usually, like me, man the office in August, replied that they were going away. And when I say away, I don’t mean up to Edinburgh for the annual festival or off to Wales to see the relatives. Rather, I’m referring to far flung travel.

My mate Maz who always stays put for summer (and then escapes somewhere exotic during the cold winter months) is travelling to Colombia. Karen has gone back to Barbados. Others are off to Africa, Ecuador, Russia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives…  Sure, some are high earners but, by and large, they’re average Brits who have simply had enough. They’re Brits who want to be someplace sunny –light amid the literal and metaphorical darkness – where a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP can’t haunt them. Or as my friend Murray put it: “Right now, I need to be ABB (anywhere but Britain).”

And why not? After all August – aka the height of the school holidays – is a time when your boss won’t really notice whether you’re at work or not.

One caveat: choose your travel companions carefully: in the aftermath of all the angst and anger back home, you’ll want to avoid arguments while abroad.

We’ll see you in Santorini…

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