Is tourism slowing?

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Will you holiday overseas this year or have a staycation?

In the first quarter of 2017, there was a worldwide increase of just 1.8% international visitors. Destinations that achieved more than that can feel happy; those with smaller increases or declines will soon start promotional campaigns to entice us to holiday with them.

But why is the increase so small? the probable answer is because it is the first part of the year and fewer people holiday than at other times. Nonetheless, it will be dispiriting to some destinations.

This is the time of year when they we will be scrutinising every bit of information they can gain from hoteliers, airlines, ferry companies and yes surveys about people’s intentions.

Destinations tend not to send out information saying that tourism numbers are declining. You only hear about growth in numbers or about large declines and only those when it can be blamed on terrorism or natural disasters.

In the first three months of the year there were 8.7 million international tourism visitors.

Croatia, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Canada, Nicaragua and Europe as a whole are just some of the areas that have announced higher figures than the 1.8%. International growth numbers to the USA are below that figure at just 1.3% and that is despite the vast budgets that are available to Brand USA. Ireland is also seeing a decline in British visitor numbers after a few years when numbers have dramatically risen

What might this mean for those of us who will take overseas holidays? If the results of the general election hadn’t caused a further drop in the pound then destinations would actively promote to is. They will still do that but they should realise that holidays abroad have suddenly become a little bit more expensive. They will either hope that holidays are sacrosanct and that we will holiday come what may or they will promote price sensitive offers to us to take into account that sterling depreciation.

There have been reports that bookings to Turkey and Egypt have improved so there may not be the bargains that many – including me – were tipping at the beginning of the year.

All nations will be trying to temt us but they will be competing against a domestic holiday industry that is much cannier about promoting to the British Public than it was twenty years ago


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