Edinburgh in 101 objects

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the Sir Walter Scott monument is one of the 101 sights

About four years ago I wrote a story about the fad of travel stories being based on choosing only the top five or top ten ideas. My objection was that I wanted to know what was number six or number eleven because those were the ones that people wouldn’t see so there would be fewer crowds around.

There is the other extreme. It was fashionable a decade ago to wrote books about 1,000 places to see before you die. They can still be seen in bookshops although who buys them and why I cannot fathom. There is no way the average holidaymaker or traveller would be able to see 1,000 places in their lifetime unless they were out-of-work (in which case they couldn’t afford to see them) or so rich they could afford to travel all the time.

Then along came the British Museum which looked at the history of the world through a hundred objects on the radio and in the requisite book of the series.

Along comes Edinburgh now with what is claimed to be a new visitor experience which introduces us to 101 objects.  These objects are meant to tie in with the theme of Scottish tourism this year which, if you’ve forgotten, is the year of history, heritage and archaeology.

50 partners have come together including city institutions, attractions, universities, galleries and local pubs, to each showcase their precious objects in celebration of 1,000 years of Scotland’s capital city.

They aren’t all sites to visit. Some are paintings or items housed in museums. But what person has the time to visit 101 objects? I might be able to do that if I lived there or even close-by but in my annual trip to Scotland’s capital it will probably take me some twenty years because I doubt whether I could see more than five on my usual two-day trip unless I don’t do the work that I went there to do in the first place!

In fairness to the city, they don’t plan that I visit all the sites because they know it isn’t feasible for most people. But by listing 101 sights they are giving the impression that there is so much to see and do there.

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