Giving thanks to volunteers

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a section of the National Memorial Arboretum

As I have mentioned before, volunteers are vital (that’s not too strong a word) to maintain tourist attractions. Without volunteers many would be forced to close.

That’s why it is important to mention their efforts and, in particular, to mention when an attraction rewards or honours them in return.

Volunteers’ Week started yesterday. The purpose is to celebrate the difference volunteers make to every community across the country!  This year there will be over 900 events across the country, many of which will be posted on the Volunteers map that appears on the special website. It suggests that those organisations using run events and share thank you messages on social media in order to let volunteers know that they make a difference and their gift of time matters.

Take the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire for example. They have 235 volunteers and are recipients of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Just in the year-to-date, their volunteers have contributed 19,000 hours of service and had a choice of 64 different training courses in order to hone their skills and make the services they provide us – the visitor – more useful and informative. Sarah Montgomery, the Arboretum’s managing director, said: “The role of our volunteers cannot be underestimated and to mark Volunteers Week, I would like to again thank them for their contribution and dedication.

the National Botanic Gardens near Carmarthen – another tourist attraction that relies heavily on volunteers

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has some 23,000 volunteers and those are the people we often rely on for advice when our holidays or travel plans don’t go as planned. When the alternative dispute resolution procedures came into being the government gave them substantial funds so they could be trained and pass on their knowledge when we had problems.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales has put on a B-B-Q for their 200 plus volunteers but more than that, they have invited volunteers from all over to come to the garden and celebrate during the week.

English Heritage eve publish a magazine for their volunteers.

On behalf of all our readers, may I thank all those volunteers whose knowledge and courtesy make visiting British and Irish attractions so pleasurable. Just about Travel salutes you.

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