Lying about out travel trips

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map of New Zealand

New Zealand – the destination that tops the list

In an intriguing survey by MSC Cruises, it transpires that many of us have not been telling the truth about where we have holidayed or travelled.

It says that 21% have fibbed about where they have been in the world – with New Zealand, New York, Australia and Rome emerging as popular places we’ve never been to. The survey also considered claims about books that have never been read, foods they claim to have eaten as well as plays and films they have seen.

In its press release, MSC have been very coy about the words used to describe this lying. They say “fibbing,” “being economical with the truth,” and “exaggerating.” What it boils down is that people are blatantly lying about where they have been and what experiences they have tried because, I suppose, they think that they should have done these things but haven’t done so yet. I would think that they never will either!

On travel subjects, 35% claim they would consider a cruise to a destination such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean and MSC puts this down to people wanting to “appear more cultured.” The top twenty places that people claim to have visited but haven’t are;

New Zealand

New York

















Sri Lanka

montage of New York

and number two on the list is…

It is an interesting collection of destinations and I do wonder why people have put New Zealand at the top of the list. What is it about the country that people have to say that they have visited it? Is it because it is so far away and shows that they have travelled widely? Is it because it was trendy when all the Tolkien books were being filmed here?

I confess I haven’t really been there. Despite having an uncle who lived there for years, my closest to visiting the country is changing planes at Auckland airport and surely that doesn’t count.

Is Ibiza on the list because teenagers think it is the place and clubs that youth should visit as a rite-of-passage? Are Rome, Paris and Florence on the list because of the cultural appeal?

I score a miserable eight out of twenty. Do I want to see the other twelve? It would be nice to visit them but then I have seen places that are obviously not considered worth lying about like Chicago, Singapore, Batumi and Athens.

If MSC do the survey again, it would be interesting see which British and Irish places they have visited but, in fact, never have?

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