Low cost flights to Asia

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With the number of low cost flights to North America being announced a little while ago, long haul flight prices to the Far East may also be about to receive a shake-up.

Norwegian has announced that it will operate direct flights from Gatwick to Singapore from September the 28th. The price is £179.90 each way meaning a return flight could be as cheap as £359.80 and this was for a flight leaving on September 28th and returning on the 10th of October.

But this is for a basic flight and doesn’t include a price for baggage in the hold, meals on board or an assigned seat. Add that in and the price becomes £459.80.

Looking at flying to Singapore for 10 days from October 1st, the cheapest flight I could find was £405 on China Southern. In all, I found four legacy airlines which could beat that fare, three of which landed at sociable hours and did not involve long layovers

Norwegian might say that it is providing low cost flights to the Far East but that would not seem to be the case. You would only be allowed between 8-10kilos of hand luggage if you opted for the cheapest fare and how many of us can pack for 12 days and still come in below the weight limit? You could wash things out in your hotel sink and rely on just a few changes of clothing but what holiday is it where you still have to do the washing? Using the hotel’s laundry service would increase the overall costs you pay.

Those holidaying in Singapore will probably stay in a hotel rather than with friends so the combined pricing on a hotel and flight that you could get from a packager would be cheaper than you could manage by booking independently.

Maybe when the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Scoot, flies from Singapore to London (it travels only as far as Athens at the moment) the shake-up might come.

In the meantime, whichever way you look at it, the era of cheap flights between the UK and the Far East isn’t happening just yet.

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