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Look at how high the bath is off the floor at this brand new hotel. And nor railing to assist/

Having found myself staying in a number of hotels over the last few months, I have come to the decision that many hotels aren’t really catering for the needs of guests.

In particular, I am getting hot under the collar about baths. Increasingly hotels are providing showers rather than baths but those that do provide baths aren’t making it that easy for those who are into middle age. There are signs warning you that the water will be hot and to take care but they don’t appreciate the need for other assistance.

The first is the problem of slipping in the bath. Too many baths have no anti-slip devices embedded in the bath structure so unless you put the bath mat in to the bath, there is an expectation that you might slip when getting out.

Secondly baths seem to be getting deeper. I recently stayed at a five star hotel which had been built in just the last twelve months. The bathroom was sumptuous and I couldn’t even complain about the size of the towels. What I did object to was the height between the floor and me getting my leg over the edge and into the bath. It meant that climbing in the bath could be off-putting for some with arthritis or rheumatism or even the onset of time. There were no handles to assist in getting into or out of the bath and with such a steep height it makes it even more likely that you could slip especially, as I said before, in getting out of the bath.

Are baths being designed by twenty somethings or fitness trainers who don’t have problems getting into and out of baths? Is there no testing of bath depths before hoteliers install them? Money is spent on fancy smelly products to use that must be replaced regularly but how much is spent on handles? The handles will be around a lot longer than the cosmetics and will cost less in the long run. Particularly if a guest does slip and injure themselves.

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