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Whilst the story of United Airlines dragging a passenger off a plane dominated last week,  a story about easyJet denying boarding to a couple on an overbooked plane was not noticed.

A couple on a flight from Luton to Catania were removed from a flight because it was full. A I wrote last week, it isn’t unusual for airlines to overbook, but what easyJet – it is claimed – failed to do in this case was to notify the couple that because they were denied boarding they were entitled to compensation.

The next easyJet flight was in four days’ time which, as they were on a six day holiday, would be all but be ruined. They were even allowed onto the plane but, at least, they weren’t manhandled off it! That should not have happened and easyJet needs to ensure that this mistake doesn’t happen again

The airline apologised although that has not been posted on the media part of their website as of time of writing.

On its website, the airline points out what to do if a flight is cancelled or delayed pointing out that it will pay reasonable expenses, and if it is their fault, provide compensation under EU261. What it doesn’t say is what it will do if it denies you boarding and Just about Travel hopes that this will be rectified and added as soon as possible.

It appears the airline didn’t tell the couple that they were entitled to compensation either which is a major oversight particularly coming on top of the United debacle which was being covered by just about every media organisation. Someone in the airline should have realised this, contacted the couple and pointed out that what their legal rights were. That they did this later is not sufficient. It should have been done immediately rather than e-mailing them which is what I understood happened.

If an airline denies you boarding you are entitled it compensation under the European law commonly known as EU261. This means that you are entitled to compensation of €400 per person for this journey meaning the couple are entitled to €800. This doesn’t remove their legal rights to take the airline to court to seek additional  compensation

They would be entitled to a refund if they chose not to fly or, if they wished to continue which they didn’t in this case, I believe they would be entitled to free accommodation and food until the next flight which would be in four days’ time. The cost of four nights’ accommodation in Catania (if they had pre-booked accommodation) that they wouldn’t be able to use should also be refunded. The airline should have also offered them a re-routed flight.

Has easyJet offered all this?

If you have a flight delay, it is cancelled or you are denied boarding you are automatically entitled to compensation and you certainly don’t need a lawyer who will take up to 30% (as a general rule) of the compensation. Ask the airline concerned for a form and, should they fail to have one, download one from the airline website. In the case of EasyJet, go to

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