What are you doing this Easter?

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panoramic view of Blackpool

Blackpool may have a busy Easter if the weather is fine or drab

As the great Easter getaway begins this afternoon, many more of us are planning on a break within the UK this year compared to last according to Visit England’s Easter Trip Tracker Survey.

It says that six million of us, a million more than last year, will have a UK holiday trip this weekend. About 7.6 million are undecided on what to do with almost 1.5 million of us leaving it to the last minute on whether to go away or not. About 2.5 million of us are waiting to see what the weather will be like which I endorse given that the forecast for my part of the world was for rain a few days ago and now, no rain. By tomorrow and the weekend it could be all change again so I shall stay put and plan on just day trips.

There is no guidance from the survey on where those who are going away are planning on going (I like to know so I can avoid the roads that are likely to be jammed) but I would bet money on places like seaside resorts being busy if the weather is good and places like the Peak District, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and National Trust type properties being busy.

a Tenerife beach

and Tenerife will probably be the big overseas host of British tourists

After the brouhaha about the word “Easter” in the Easter Egg Hunt (our local castle ran out of eggs last year and some were bought from the local shop so that children wouldn’t be disappointed) sites involved will do well if the weather is fine but if it isn’t, there will be last minute bookings to go abroad.

It doesn’t take a genius to forecast that Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza will be popular destinations this Easter because they always are! But this year there are some more unusual places like Bulgaria. In fact the country is proving to be so popular now that you might have trouble finding accommodation there for the summer holidays as well.

As I said, I have got used to places without droves of people so I plan nothing more strenuous than a walk along the riverbank, a visit to my local wildlife centre and perhaps a trip into the bay in the hope of seeing dolphins.



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