Classifying hotels by how secure they are

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 -security scanners at Movenpick Hotel, Gammarth

if a hotel has airport type security it would score a higher rating

Three weeks ago, Travelzoo suggested that hotels could also be classified by how secure and safe they were. The idea came about after they did come research and found out that safety and security were a top concern for 97% of those interviewed.

French tourists feel the most targeted with Britons being way down the list. Just 48% of Britons were concerned with security but this survey was completed before last Wednesday’s attack in Westminster. If the same questions were asked now, it is light that the percentage expressing concern would be higher.

The theory behind Travelzoo’s idea is that the higher the rating achieved by the hotel, the more comfortable tourists would feel in staying at that hotel. As there is a system in place about the safety of our beaches – the Blue Flag system – a system for hotels shouldn’t be that difficult to devise., For example, the fewer the entrances the less likely of a person getting into he building. The use of a scanning system such as used at airports would also deter people. Add bollards outside the building so vehicles couldn’t ram it an d customers should feel even more secure

ABTA promptly said that the ideas was flawed but didn’t offer an alternative. Richard Singer, the President of Travelzoo in Europe told me that 75% of hoteliers in Europe believe some sort of classification or kite system would be advisable.

Singer claims that the travel industry hides behind the advice given by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Does that mean the industry is reluctant to consider an initiative of ts own?

Since that announcement, there has been no more news about the idea. Does that mean that authorities  and hoteliers are discussing the system or does it mean – as seems more likely – that many are hoping that the idea will just gradually disappear?


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