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The UK government says that I must put my laptops, cameras and large electronic devices in my hold baggage if I am flying from any of six countries. They are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey.

The odd thing about the announcement is that firstly, the places differ from the list issued by the US government (which lists airports not countries) and, secondly, that the UK announcement isn’t part of an EU announcement.

On Saturday I fly to Tunisia. When I return it will be interesting to see what additional security measures I face when I land at Gatwick. I already know that, because there is a Foreign Office advisory note about travelling there, my usual insurance is invalid. Now I shall have to see if I can get cover for the five days I shall be away.

Of more concern is the impact this will have on passengers. Travellers are beginning to return to Egypt and Jordan has always been a popular destination for Britons. Seating a child in front of an electronic game or DVD has brought about a golden silence in planes compared to thirty years ago. The value of two hours of Peppa Pig and Peter Rabbit is not to be underestimated. That is about to cease on these routes and all will be placed in hold luggage.

But what happens if these items get stolen? The advice from airlines and insurance companies has always been to take your valuables in your hand luggage. Sometimes airlines adopt the same attitude. Will insurance policies be amended? In fairness to those companies they don’t have a lot of time – just two days left – before the new measures come in. So the laptop that travels with me on every journey to prepare stories will go in the hold on some trips. What if it gets broken whilst in my case? How to I convince the insurance company that my laptop is worth all it is with its additional battery life and large memory?

Luckily we are not as affected as the Americans are for their list includes Dubai, the largest international hub in the world Abu Dhabi, Doha in Qatar, Kuwait and Casablanca in Morocco.

Governments often cite security as a reason for introducing restrictions. But introducing different rules will only confuse. And why hasn’t the EU introduced a similar rule? Are they not being targeted by extremists?

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