ABTA’s website has been hacked.

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At the end of February, ABTA’s website was hacked.

As readers will know, ABTA is the main and biggest travel trade body in the UK. According to reports –although not confirmed by BTA on their website – data about 43,000 people which includes travel agents, tour operators and customers has been affected.

Which customers might have been affected?

According to ABTA it is likely to be those who filed a complaint against one of its members in the period between the 11th of January 2017 and when the hacking took place which was the 27th of February. It will only affect those who uploaded information onto the ABTA website not those who were writing letters to the body.

The problem here is that when you upload information to the website you are likely to scan in relevant documentation which might include payment details. It will certainly include name and address and possibly other personal details depending on the nature of the complaint. Because a lot of the data is encrypted most complainants should be unaffected. However the organisation estimates that between 650 and 1,000 people may be affected because of those personal details that have been filed.

The advice from ABTA is that you should “should remain vigilant regarding online and identity fraud: actively monitor your bank accounts and any social media and email accounts you may have.”

By now, all of those affect ted should have been contacted by ABTA. If you haven’t and feel that you might have been affected you should contact them.

ABTA has apologised, reported the breach to the Information Commissioner and the police and called into security consultants to assess the problem.

If you filed a complaint with ABTA on February the 28th or during this month, there should be no problem.

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