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Check out these tips to become a calmer, more productive you while travelling

Stop motion sickness
By targeting acupressure points in the arm, you can balance the body’s flow of energy and reduce nausea.
The boat won’t. stop. bouncing. A queasy wave-like feeling rises in your stomach. Can you stop it before barfing begins? Yes, and it’s pretty simple. Find the point on your inner forearm, three finger-widths down from your wrist crease, between the two tendons. Use your thumb to press here, pushing fairly deep (but not so it is painful). Hold for a few minutes, then do the same to the other wrist. Repeat as needed.

Ease sinus pain and headaches in the air
Pressing key points on the face relieves pressure and helps sinuses drain; the latter result also has the perk of keeping germs from taking root.
You’ve probably heard the usual bag of tricks for staying healthy on a flight: use hand-sanitising gel, stay hydrated, keep your overhead vent on. This acupressure exercise adds to the arsenal by targeting key sinus points. Start by massaging both sides of your nose, by the nostrils, using your index fingers to apply moderate pressure for 2–3 minutes. Now move to the cheekbones, at a point level with the middle of your nose. Again, press with your index fingers for 2–3 minutes.

Get rid of jetlag
This exercise helps relieves fatigue, and the inversion counters the pooling of blood and fluids in the feet that can occur during a flight. Paul Cabanis recommends Legs Up the Wall pose to help beat jetlag. Get a couple of thick folded blankets and place them next to a wall. Sit with your hip next to the wall and your back to the blankets or bolster. Swing gently around so you’re lying with the blankets under your back and your bottom is close to the wall. Bring your legs up on to the wall. Open the chest and breathe normally. Stay there, making sure the back remains elevated and chest opened, for 5–10 minutes.

Soothe sunburn
Plain yoghurt contains probiotics and enzymes that help skin to heal. Burns happen, despite your best hat-wearing, SPF-slathered intentions. Cold, plain yoghurt not only feels soothing on sunburned skin but also aids its recovery. Get half a cup or so of plain yoghurt (not vanilla) – Greek yoghurt is best, but regular yoghurt will do. Wash your hands, then apply the yoghurt directly to your burn. Leave it on for 5–10 minutes, then rinse it gently away with cool water. Do this three times on the first day that you’re sunburned.

Relieve neck pain
Rubbing acupressure points in the neck releases localised tension and discomfort.
Ever woken up after snoozing on an airplane or a sandbag hotel pillow with your neck stiff and aching? Here’s an easy way to feel better. Stick out your thumbs and put them behind your head on the back of the neck, just below the base of the skull. Your thumbs should be about 7.5–10cm (3–4in) apart. Feel for a small, palpable dent on each side of the neck. Voilà – those are the pressure points. Massage them using firm pressure toward the skull for 2–3 minutes, and repeat as needed.

Extract taken from Lonely Planet’s new title 101 Ways to Live Well (£7.99; out now)

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