Intruders at Berlin-Tegel airport

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Up in the ceiling was where they hid

Sitting in the gate area of terminal D awaiting my return flight back to Birmingham last Thursday, I was getting a little concerned about a possible security lapse. I espied intruders who had not been through security or passport control. Should I report them?

Yes, there was more than one. I counted at least three flying around. How had these sparrows evaded all the check systems that the airport had in place?

You read about fantastic terrorist and state sponsored attacks in airports and who would not let their mind wander? Could these sparrows have been force-fed devices designed to detonate at a certain time. Animals have been booby-trapped before in times of conflict.

You might just spot a sparrow perched on the lamp

I was even more concerned when one assailant dive-bombed a waiting passenger to snatch a morsel from the salad roll she was eating. If I had been fast enough I could have taken a picture with my smart phone but I didn’t. I restrained myself aware that anything I photographed could now be in the hands of the CIA due to their hacking software disclosed by Wikileaks recently. I could let everyone become aware of security breaches at the airport and that wouldn’t be wise for.

The dive-bombing evidence was surely proof of the malevolence of these creatures and why they had evaded security.

But looking around, I realised that airport staff must be aware of these interlopers because, suspended from one of the ceiling joists, was furled meshing but why wasn’t it deployed to protect passengers from these unprovoked attacks?

and on the window ledge were bowls of food and water for the “employees”

And then I realised why. These were “friendly” birds. Along a slim window ledge about ten feet above the ground were two small bowls, presumably containing seed in one and water in the other. These were airport employees!

It all became crystal clear. Berlin-Tegel had developed a new security check. They were using birds to see where there were holes in the security or, in this case, buildings. The birds were there to see off any alien birds that might wreak havoc on our heads. Maybe they had also been trained to spot unusual packages or monitor the mysterious antics of passengers such as dropping crumbs or, to use a technical term,  litter?

I’ll never know. My flight was called.


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