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one of the viewws you would have if you owned la casa verde…

Maybe the idea of winning your own guest house won’t appeal to most people. But when I tell you that this guest house is in Ecuador, you might want to reconsider.

Then when you look at the photograph and see the scenery visible from your own hammock you might start to get a little more interested.

If I said that the guesthouse was the la casa verde, an eco-friendly place that has won many awards and there is even $US10,000 available to the winner to pay for fares to get there and you might become enthusiastic.

When I tell you that it will cost just $US29 to enter the contest then your mind urge you to have a go.

The owners of la casa verde, the Greenshields family, have decided to move on and so they started looking for a similarly minded eco-lifestyle enthusiast.

…where nearby activities include this

Recognising that there aren’t many of us who could afford the price, they have come up with a novel way to pass the guest house on to someone. Having written an e-book called Back to Earth, they decided that they would give away a prize ticket with each copy sold. The number of copies sold is limited to 250,000 meaning the odds of winning la casa verde are just 1 in 250,000. Compare that to the National Lottery where the odds are 1 in 14 million or thereabouts. To win the top premium bond prize of just £1 million the odds are over 1 in 31 million. So your chances of winning la casa verde are much better than you might at first think.

There are some terms and conditions which you can learn by clicking here.

What do you get for your money? In the first building you get 11 guest bedrooms (all with private bathroom), a reception, large lounge, kitchen, dining area and communal bathroom. On the 4th floor and part of the 3rd floor, there’s a spacious (170 sq m – 1830 sq ft) 3 bedroom penthouse apartment, with open plan kitchen, dining, lounge, sunroom, balcony, bathroom and separate toilet In the second, you get the commercial kitchen, laundry, massage and treatments room, volunteer room and bathroom.  And there’s an additional 90 sq m (940 sq ft) of decking.

If a lifestyle like this appeals you have until April 15th to enter. Go to or click here. For more about the property, go to or click here.

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