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St Piran’s Cross in Cornwall

Leading up to St Piran’s day on March 5th, a new festival starting on February 25th is being held in Cornwall. St Piran, as many readers will know, is the patron saint of Cornwall.

The 9-day festival, organised by Cornish Quest, has been created to celebrate the uniqueness of Cornish language, culture and heritage and much of it will take place at The Acorn Theatre in Penzance.

The festival will start on Saturday 25th February with the conference entitled ‘The Framework Convention, the European Charter and the Cornish Language.’ If that sounds heavy-going to most potential visitors then it should be made clear that whilst there is a seriously academic approach, there are plenty of other activities and these will be of more interest to the majority of visitors from outside Cornwall.

Music will take place every festival’s night and on 3rd of March the St Piran parade, a suggestive recreation of the medieval procession of St Piran through the streets of Penzance, will officially close the festivities. For example, on the 25th there is Cornish singing and storytelling. There are guided walks around the town focussing on different things like the gardens or the maritime history and there is even a musical about one of Cornwall’s famous sons – Richard Trevithick – a pioneer of high pressure steam engines and who probably built the first steam locomotive to carry passengers. There is even a treasure hunt.

The St Piran Parade always attracts visitors and the festival may act as a stimulus to attract more visitors earlier to the area and keep them after the parade and on to the procession on the 5th.

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