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the taxi drone planned for Dubai. Image. © EHANG, Inc

In just four months’ time, Dubai says that drones will be in service in the city. But these drones won’t be taking aerial pictures for photoshoots or monitoring traffic movements they will be carrying people.

Using a Chinese manufactured drone capable of carrying a single passenger weighing not more than 100 kilogrammes, passengers will have the chance of a thirty minute flight around the area not exceeding fifty kilometres in total because that is when the battery runs out. All the passenger does is select a destination. Everything else is automatic.

The idea is that it could be used as a taxi but the tourism possibiities are much greater.

When I was a child some comic-strip characters had jet-packs which would transport adventurers into places there was little chance of getting to otherwise. This seems to be the next best thing.

It can’t be far away that there will be drones capable of carrying half-a-dozen passengers on  a variety of different tours.

Imagine the chance of flying low over the ocean to watch whales, dolphins and seals at just feet above them. You could fly up the pyramids in Egypt and see how the very pinnacles are constructed. Instead of a helicopter ride into the grand canyon, your drone could take you closer to the edges. Could you perhaps fly into dead volcanic craters, hover over Ben Nevis or get close to animals where the only option so far has been uncomfortable journeys in Landrovers over rough terrain? You could explore rocky coastlines and see things that no other form of transport would let you see

Forget helicopter tours: this will be a tourism attraction of the future. The Dubai government had a YouTube video for people to watch but, at present for some reason or another, it is unavailable. But you can see other images posted by the media on YouTube if you search for “Dubai” and “drones.”



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