Antigua’s ‘Year of Anniversaries’

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Antiguan beach

Antigua – almost empty now but wait until the celebrations start

2017 is a big year of celebrations for Antigua and Barbuda as if the islanders ever need to have an excuse for partying and celebrating.  Last year may have been the 35th year after independence celebrations but this year will mark 50 years of Antigua Sailing Week, 60 years of Antigua’s Carnival and 30 years of Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

The world’s biggest sailing event – so Antiguans claim – the 50th anniversary of Antigua Sailing Week takes place from 29th April to 5th May.. During the event, different sets of boats and crews will take to the waters to compete each day, with highlights including Chase the Race and the Round Antigua Race. The regatta attracts everything from serious racing boats including state-of-the-art and high-tech racing machines, to a variety of performance cruising and cruising boats. Bust of all, like Extreme racing, you can see most of the action.

Every sailor knows that siling is just part of the life. Food and drink play a role as well. For those who wish to relax and enjoy spectating the evening events will see a variety of live musical performances from local artists and delicious traditional Antiguan food and drink. One of the highlights will be the Big Night Party on 2nd May while the ‘Lay Day’ on 3rd May is another popular event with a spectacular regatta and party at Pigeon Point. Guests will be greeted with barbeques, cold beers and adrenalin-filled action on the water.

The Antigua Carnival is a very popular event amongst locals as it celebrates the day when slavery was abolished. In 1957, the first Antiguan Carnival took place, and has since thrived in popularity, growing each year with more musical performances, dances, marches and formal evening events and attracting people from around the world.

The main celebrations take place on the streets of St Johns and in Carnival City at the Antigua Recreation Ground. The day time events will consist of parades along the main streets creating a sea of bright colours and elaborate dancing.

The 30th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta which takes place from the 19th until the 25th of April will see a number of classic yacht races in the Caribbean Ocean with an awards ceremony and evening events for spectators.

But not everyone is attracted to the islands because of the sailing opportunities. Most prefer to lounge on the 365 beaches meaning that you can have a new beach on every day of the year and one spare for a leap year!

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