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hotel bathroom

Hoe clean is your hotel bathroom?

Yesterday, a BBC programme – Rip-Off Britain Holidays – showed that some hotels were nowhere clean as people might think. The news was carried on the BBC’s television breakfast programme but, apart from that, I didn’t see any other media outlet pick up the story.

The reason, probably, for the lack of appeal elsewhere is because the programme only looked at five hotels, one for each star category. Secondly, the elements of this story have been around for donkey’s years.

The point of the story as far as I was concerned is that some hotels still don’t have their staff undertake the deep cleaning that most people would want. The television programme suggested that door handles and remote controls carry high levels of bacteria. But then think of handles on toilet doors on planes or trains. No-one comes along and cleans them after a person has been inside. It is impractical yet you don’t her of people coming down with ailments after each flight or train journey. Could it be that our bodies can tolerate such high levels of bacteria? Could it be that our scientific thoughts about the impact of high bacteria levels are wong?

Having said that, few things irritate me more than dirty hotel rooms, unclean tray tables in planes or trains and dirty seats. The sight of hairs in the wash basin or bath sends me straight to reception and the request for a new room. I find carpet dirt that should have been cleaned away irritates me more than a crack in the tiles or paint peeling from a skirting board. Unclean cups on the hospitality tray are probably the most annoying thing and so easily spotted by the hotel cleaners that I wonder how on earth it passed inspection.

How can hotel cleanliness improve? Only by us – the guest – complaining each time we find that a room doesn’t come up to scratch. I don’t mean  complaining by visiting a review site but by complaining in person to the hotel and insisting on a change of room. Hoteliers can’t monitor every member of their cleaning staff or every room every day unless it is a small establishment, more’s the pity. But they can impress on their staff that cleaning should be done to the highest, practical standards.

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