The most punctual airport in the world

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outside of Bimingham Airport

Birmingham Airport. Image © Birmingham Airport

It is unusual for any British entity to feature in lists of airports – unless they are performing badly.

After looking at 54 million worldwide flights that it monitored, Birmingham was adjudged to have the most punctual flights of any airport in the world by OAG, a company that possesses the largest network of air travel data in the world.. It has calculated that of the 100,000 plus flights a year that use Birmingham Airport, 91.28%  of flights both leaving and arriving were on time

Newcastle Airport did well by being the only other UK airport to breach the 90% barrier. It had 90.94% of flights on time and came in at number two worldwide.

To achieve two out of the top three places in the world is a considerable achievement. The only other British airport to get into any of the top twenty categories was Liverpool John Lennon which managed to have 85.44% of flights on time.

image of terminal building at Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport. Image © Newcastle Airport

It will be seen that neither Heathrow nor Gatwick came anywhere in the four categories of small, medium, large and major airports. Both might argue that there are times when they are overstretched. Both would also claim that air traffic control issues in the south east of England particularly in peak times cause punctuality issues.

From the OAG data, passengers might conclude that if they want a punctual service, they should pick a smaller airport to fly into or from. It can also be seen from the figures collected by OAG that, by and large, the bigger the airport the chances of flights being on time decreases.

Readers should remember thought that the aviation industry’s definition of being punctual is that the plane arrives within 14 minutes and 59 seconds of the scheduled arrival time. So a plane could be late by ten minutes and still be considered to be on time.

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