Taking a Christmas Day swim in Brighton

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the pier in Brighton

Brighton – one of the people walking away could be me as I would never take a dip in winter!

There are lots of things to which I couldn’t be drawn in a million years. One is taking a swim in the sea on Christmas Day. Unless I was in the Caribbean or Australia or a place where the water temperature matched that of my shower.

But there are many that do like this eccentric past time. Traditionally, one place people descend on is Brighton for their dip in the briny.

But the local council is doing its best to stop this.


Because of the mild weather, The Independent reports that the council is concerned people might get hypothermia. Have you ever heard such a load of old horse feathers? It suggests that if the weather was colder, ice covered the seashore and fewer people ventured into the water there would be less risk of hypothermia because fewer people would be attracted. But those that do go could still contract it.

Let people be their own decision-makers? If they want to swim and get goose pimples from the cold sea it is their responsibility not some official whose role in life should be to make sure that there are enough rubbish bins, that the pot holes in the roads are mended and the beach is clean.

If they succeed in stopping people today then I have no option than to call for the abolition of Brighton & Hove Council under health and safety rules. It is quite obvious that reading about the council’s idiotic activities could cause people to have high blood pressure leading to possible heart attacks and even death. By abolishing the council, this likelihood would be removed at a stroke!

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