Passenger leakage from Bristol Airport

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Does Bristol provide flights to the places people want to fly to and at times they want?

Passenger leakage is a term used in aviation to explain why people living near an airport chose to not use that airport but fly from somewhere else. Readers might remember that two year’s ago. Just about Travel, undertook a study of 542,000 flyers showing that certain airports like Cardiff and Aberdeen lost passengers to other airports.

The main reason for this leakage is that a person’s nearest airport doesn’t offer the destinations to which they want to fly to or that the schedules are inconvenient.

In a recent study by York Aviation, for Bristol Airport they have highlighted the same thing claiming that seven million passengers are wasting almost 1,000 years in additional travel time and £182 million between them by choosing to fly out of the main London airports instead of their local airport. Holidaymakers flying to European leisure destinations are wasting the most time and money, the analysis shows.

The report says that each passenger is £27 worse off in terms of lost time and travel costs per trip over the past four years. Last year alone, passengers wasted £101 million and business passengers £82 million. The average holidaymaker lost £17 each per trip compared with £67 extra for each business passenger.

The number of passengers from the South West and South Wales flying out of London airports has risen by almost 20% over the past four years.

Bristol Airport is calling for improvements to road and rail links to the main airport serving the South West and South Wales. The airport says it is the only Top 10 UK airport without a rail link or dual carriageway access.

But, as I mentioned, passengers will fly from other places if the schedules are badly timed for passengers, if the routes don’t exist and, above all, if the fares differ. Too often fares from regional airports are higher and, even after paying for petrol for a car journey or the rail fare it is still cheaper to switch to an airport somewhere else. So calculating how much money passengers are using might be misleading because those passengers didn’t have a viable option. What airports should study is where passengers in their catchment have been based on real data rather than estimates and then talk to airlines about laying on flights at convenient times.

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