The Christmas market in Berlin

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Trabant bearing the words I love Berlin

This comment on an old Trabant shoudl be the attitude of tourists

The attack on a Christmas market in Germany, unfortunately, has resulted in the death of many people both Germans and from those overseas as well as the injuries of many more. To the relatives and friends of those involved, our sympathies.

As with the massacres in Paris, Brussels and Nice as well as the attacks in Bavaria earlier this year, I repeat my words I wrote in June, “In the meantime, we should respond as we did after the incidents on Charlie Hebdo, Brussels and the Paris attacks. By giving two fingers to terrorism and continuing to travel and holiday as planned but, at the same time, being cautious as we would be wherever we travel.”

Thousands of Britons head to Germany every year to visit the markets because Christmas markets are tourism magnets. Coach companies, those that advertise under the banner of reader offers in newspapers and short-break specialists know that the markets are reliable sources of tourism interest. Germans in their hundreds of thousands visit them. This year, Cathrene is visiting the Hamburg market to report for us and that story will appear later this week because we here at Just about Travel believe that we, as tourists, should not be daunted despite the potential danger.

As the head of the local police in Germany said, it is not possible to guarantee that every market, every tourist attraction or every destination can be made 100% safe. Michael Muller, the mayor said there is no need to panic and that people should be vigilant.

Personal vigilance is fundamental to tourism whether you consider pickpocketing to be an issue, robbery or even terrorism.

The number of Britons travelling to Germany has been growing year-on-year. The mindless acts of individuals and terrorists could strike any country. Don’t let it deter you from visiting Germany.


PS 21/12/2016 Visit The Times today to see how cartoonist Peter Brookes sees the attack. For those of you who can’t, Brookes has the German flag of black, red and yellow, but the black is the truck that ploughed into the market. The truck’s windscreen has a Christmas tree protruding from it.

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