At the Birmingham Christmas Market

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Christmas Market - Birmingham

part of the German Christmas Market in Birmingham

selling drinks at the markets

The huts selling drinks had more visitors

The Christmas market in Birmingham is reputed to be the largest in the UK and the largest outside Germany.

Yesterday in the late afternoon it wasn’t attracting as many shoppers as the Apple store was doing but markets come more alive as the day wears on. In Germany and Austria it is often after schools and offices close that the crowds turn out to shop, drink and eat. The crowds were in Birmingham yesterday hoovering up Christmas presents for relatives, children and friends but, apart from the odd drink at the huts they must have been leaving the markets till later.

Before the market finally closes for the year hundreds of thousands of people will have visited this one and that might explain why the hut salespeople have to such an effort to make their huts stand out. This isn’t a place for little wooden sheds that are similar to those at the bottom of the garden. Some of these are more elaborate than student digs I had many moons ago. One selling bratwurst had a tower developing from the roof!

santa sled on Germand Xmas market hut

And Santa came too

bratwurst tower

a bratwurst hut or is it a bratwurst tower

All colourfully lit, the most Spartan thing was a Christmas tree in New Street which, with its single coloured white lights stood out in stark contrast to all the huts.

Being Birmingham, the market had to compete with others. There were the usual musicians with amplifiers and a saxophonist who would grace any professional jazz band and stallholders selling bags and baubles. One lady had a wheelie shopping bag from which she was selling light wands. She wasn’t proving to be the most popular attraction.

So what was?

Apart from the Apple shop I mentioned, it had to be the stallholders who had gluwein or other drinks. At 4pm the pils wasn’t widely being drunk as yet but the day was young for the market.

Every year the same debate arises. Are people tiring of the markets? With stalls selling similar products the days of one stall, one product seem to have gone. There are many selling bratwurst, Christmas tree decorations, drinks and other foods. That there are so many seems to testify that there is still interest and – in Birmingham at least – there is no downturn.

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