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WiFi will soon be available on a whole host of long haul flights, much to Kaye’s dismay

If there was any doubt as to whether we, as a society, are obsessed by  Wifi, Air New Zealand have laid it to rest.

The New Zealand national carrier has announced plans to install Wifi on its flights from next year in response to customer demand.

“Our new system will also allow us to enhance real time features within our state of rage art inflight entertainment system” said Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon.

Of course Air New Zealand aren’t the only ones to offer Wifi while up in the air. The Auckland based airline is merely following in the footsteps of JetBlue, Virgin and Norwegian, all of whom already provide passengers with Wifi. And plenty of other airlines – including BA, who from next year will be introducing the ‘fastest wi-fi up the air’ – are planning to follow suit.

The fact that contact in the clouds is now possible has put a smile on many travellers I have spoken to, who are thrilled that they’ll be able to continue posting pictures on Instagram – the Facebook owned social media phenomenon that allows people to transform snapshots into magazine-worthy images and share them easily with friends, family and followers – answer emails and send WhatsApp messages while sky high.

But I’m not one of them, having long viewed lengthy flights as a holiday in themselves.

In the busy, bustling modern world that we live in, we’re all required to be permanently ‘on’. I find there’s literally no escaping email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and other social media apps), etc…. except on an extremely long flight!  Long-haulers have always afforded me the opportunity to finally read the biography that has been sitting on my bedside table since last Christmas), watch back to back films or TV shows (who ever has tine to sit on the sofa in London) and eat (for what’s it worth, I love plane food and find that most flights these days, have a fab menu) for free – until my stomach threatens the waistband of my trousers.

And, after a glass of wine with dinner (I don’t subscribe to the theory that you shouldn’t drink while sky high), long-haul flights grant me the chance to grab some shut eye without feeling as though I should be staring at a screen and staying on top of my inbox.

So you can see why I am gutted that my enforced airborne getaway will soon be a thing of the past. I’m not anti the internet and/or social media by any means but I’d rather they weren’t available on planes – the one place we can still escape our smartphones.

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