Unicorns, Liverpool tarts and Peter Rabbit’s burrow

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tapestry from Stirling castle Palace

One of the few unicorn’s around; on a tapestry in Stirling Castle Palace

I confess to looking forward to finding out how daft people are. Consequently the annual list of requests that Travelodge’s staff have been asked usually makes for humorous reading and this year is no different to that of the past.

The hotel chain says that, over the last twelve months, more people have stayed there so, I suppose that means a greater number of silly requests from which to select the silliest.

Did someone really ask that the hotel find him a unicorn to carry his wedding proposal and engagement ring to his girlfriend?  What on earth would his girlfriend have said if he had admitted to her what he thought of doing? Did another guest really ask what kind of cheddar cheese the Cheddar Gorge is made from? And was the member of staff tempted to say Gorgonzola or Stinking Bishop? Could they summon up the courage to reply that there was no cheese in the gorge apart from what had been dropped from someone’s sandwich?

What would have Beatrix Potter have said to an enquiry from another guest who wanted directions to Peter Rabbit’s burrow? Even if the burrow had been genuine rather than just the imagination of Ms Potter poor old Peter would have booked into that great hutch in the sky decades ago.

When asked by one hotel guest where he could find a good Liverpool tart, what went through the employee’s mind before he realised that the person was looking for a gooey cake? And was the person embarrassed when he (I’m assuming it was a he) thought about what he had said?

Obviously the businessman who asked an employee to purchase his wife’s birthday present and wrap it up had been used to five star hotels or having a PA who would tolerate his lack of consideration for his wife? And there are lots of lengths to which hotel staff would go to engender customer loyalty but surely only a direct link to the Almighty could have assisted when one person asked that the hotel ensure there is a blue sky as the person had an important planning meeting.

But the winner of daftest question of the year must be the guest who asked when the dinosaurs come out at the Jurassic Coast? Everybody knows it is only when there is an “x” in the month!

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