Ryanair is a tour operator?

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peole in  a deckchair

this was the image released by Ryanair at the launch of “Ryanair Holidays” The image is called K J Holidays

Ryanair has decided to take on the big two, TUI and Thomas Cook, and become a tour operator. Or has it?

It announced this morning that it was launching a package holiday service called “Ryanair Holidays.” But is this the same is being a tour operator? Look at the words the airline uses. It says that it is setting up a “service.” Why not call it a tour operation if that is what it is?  And why is it styled as “Ryanair Holidays” and not Ryanair Holidays? Readers might think I am nit-picking but I suspect that there is more marketing spin in this than fact.

Yes, the offer will be there on its website but the airline has announced that it has “partnered with Spain-based tour operator, Logitravel, and accommodation provider, World2Meet, to create “Ryanair Holidays.” Overall Logitravel says that it “provides the holiday arrangements for over three million customers each year.” Most of these are probably in Spain.

Could it be that it has a deal with these two companies to maximise the Ryanair database of travellers, the two companies will do most of the work and the airline takes a commission on sales? Is this any more than what is known as affiliate marketing?

Kenny Jacobs from Ryanair is quoted as saying, “Ryanair Holidays” offers full consumer protection, is fully ATOL bonded and insured, and won’t be beaten on price.” As of 4pm today, (December 1st) Ryanair nor Ryanair Holidays is not ATOL bonded – at least according to the ATOL website. That could be because the site hasn’t been updated.

But one of its partners, Logitravel, is bonded but only for 11,560 people in the UK. If Ryanair was really going to be a tour operator such as Expedia has become (it is bonded for 1,421,628 people) then it would bond for a lot more than the 0.097% of its flyers that 11,560 people represents.

The airline issued an image with the press release. It is tagged K J Holidays but maybe that just stands for Kenny Jacobs because there he is, sitting in the middle of the giant deckchair!

No I don’t think TUI, Thomas Cook or even Expedia need be worried just yet.

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