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The Balearics – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera – have launched a new publicity campaign called “Better in Winter” to encourage us to think of the islands not only as a winter holiday destination but an all-round destination for any time of the year.

Better in Winter brochure

The new “Better in Winter” campaign

The majority of visits by Britons is concentrated around the summer months so this campaign aims to showcase the islands at a quieter time and to show that the Balearics are more than just a sun and beach destination.

The campaign boldly states that the Balearic Islands are ‘better in winter.’ The tourist boards say that travelling out of summer will be “more authentic, more peaceful, more colourful and more Mediterranean. It highlights how “in the autumn, winter and spring months, the Balearic Islands are a destination rich in culture, sport, heritage and art, folk culture, gastronomy, nature and hiking, birdwatching, local celebrations and much more.”

What the tourist boards don’t say and should is that the climate over the winter months is balmy compared to the UK with average temperatures much higher than in the UK. It rarely drops below ten degrees and more often is in the 12-16 range. Think of how many rainy days we get in winter? In the Balearics it averages just six or seven days a month.

Sunset as seen from Ibiza

Sunset as seen in Ibiza

The other advantage that the islands have is that there is hardly a regional airport anywhere in the UK that doesn’t have direct flights making it one of the easiest destinations to which we can fly. Once there it is simple to hop a ferry and visit the other islands as well. The journey from Ibiza to Mallorca, for example, takes just three-and-a-half hours and there are up to eighteen sailings a week!

Between January and September 2016, the Balearic Islands saw more than 3.3 million UK tourists, representing a year on year increase of 9.5%. For the same period, Menorca had the biggest growth in UK visits with more than 486,000 British visitors representing a 10.3% year on year increase cementing the UK’s position as the strongest market. Mallorca welcomed 2.1 million British tourists up 9.9% whilst Ibiza and Formentera received an increase of 8.1% or over 778,000 British visitors.

poster advertising Mallorca

and how Mallorca promotes itself

London was the main UK outbound city to all the islands, followed by Manchester and then the East Midlands in the case of Menorca and Ibiza, and Birmingham in the case of Mallorca.

Britons travel to the Balearic Islands travel for overwhelmingly for leisure and 70% of us opt for hotel accommodation. But probably because Britons have been holidaying on the islands for decades we seem to be comfortable in booking our own holiday requirements compared to other places since only 51% of us book package holidays.

This confidence might also explain why about a third of all bookings are made using the internet.

Referring to the campaign, the Vice-president of the Balearic Islands, Gabriel Barceló says, “These are the months that are most enjoyed by the locals, away from the crowds and offering a more relaxed pace of life.”

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