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Antiguan beach

a pristine beach in Antigua where the uber-wealthy may soon holiday

Under this category comes the development of a hotel in Antigua in the Caribbean although hotel doesn’t seem to be the right word to use. Calling it a leisure complex still seems to belittle what is to be called Paradise Found. And it doesn’t sound as though it is what John Milton had in mind all those centuries ago.

Paradise Found is headed up by Robert De Niro and billionaire James Packer. That indicates that substantial money is being spent on the development – a smidgen below $200 million or even over that after builder over-runs occur as they probably will.

They won’t even start building it until next year but when it is completed you and I won’t be able to afford it. Set on 859 acres, there will be an airport to serve private jets and helicopters, 50 villas and cottages each with a private pool, alongside six overwater villas with “eco-friendly technology.”

To top it off, there will be a superyacht marina consisting of 12 moorings and each villa will have its own individual dock. As part of the project, a Princess Diana Beach Anchorage will be constructed with six water moorings and an on-site casino What else would you expect?

Do I sound a little jealous? I’m not. I’m very jealous

I imagine each villa/cottage will have a private butler and maybe its own chef as well as a discrete suite of staff to cater for every whim.

For most of us a stay will have to be for a very special treat. Most of the clients will be the uber-wealthy by the sound of it; industrialists, hedge-fund managers, banks, film stars and entertainers. But will it bring anything to Antigua and its people?

The developers say that the project will also serve the local community with a sustainable development plan. This will include the creation of a donkey sanctuary, reduction of visual pollution and removing condemned buildings, as well as development of homes for low income families and redevelopment of the old derelict Government House into a museum.

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