Donald Trump’s hotels

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The Trump Hotels stand at WTM

Trump Hotels stand. Entusiastic with their brand?

If you have switched on any news programme or read a newspaper you will know that today is election day in the USA. It’s a flight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton although there are other candidates including one whose geography and knowledge of Aleppo in Syria is sketchy to say the least.

Hillary Clinton isn’t involved in tourism as far as I know but Donald Trump is. He owns a chain of hotels and a golf course or two.

At the World Travel Market in London, his hotel chain had a booth.

I went past it a couple of times and have to record that it did not seem to be doing much in the way of business? Is that because I passed it at the wrong times? Was it because attendees were reluctant to be seen on a Trump stand? Was any sign of visiting the stand suggesting a voting pattern or confidence in the election outcome? Who knows?

But the people on the stand didn’t look too enthusiatic either? Is that becaus of their brand or the owner or even the owner’s chances in the election?

I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of a stand that looks a little underwhelmed with work or interest!

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