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New Orleans

New Orleans – they could be out celebrating the new BA service!

Finally there is going to be a direct service between the UK and the American city of New Orleans.

British Airways will start the service from London Heathrow as from March 27 next year.

It doesn’t look to have been a quick decision by the airline either. The main newspaper in New Orleans – The Times Picayune – ran a story last week that chronicles the timeline of the decision. It appears that talks between the airline, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana have been going on and off for years.


It appears that British Airways was concerned about whether business people, who traditionally flew to the area because of the energy business there, might not fly there due to depressed oil prices. The story in The Times Picayune seems to show that other cities, the state and city government put up strong arguments as to why the airline should fly there and then promptly visited British tour operators to talk up the advantages of a direct link.

Years ago I wondered why there were no direct links. In fact by the time the route starts it will have been 35 years since there was a direct flight to and from Europe let alone the UK.

The second largest source of international visitors to New Orleans (after the Canadians) is us, the UK. We have run many stories here at Just about Travel about the attractions of the city, Irene, Kaye and Adrian have all visited the city and all have written complementary things about the city, its people, attractions and the food and music that you will find there both before and after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2018, New Orleans will be 300 years old. In the city that makes other festivals seem commonplace you can bet they will put on a heck of a party for most of the year. And Britons will be able to join in becaue a ten hour flight will take you to one of the  one of the most interesting and European-American cities you will find anywhere. The French influence is strong but then so is the Cajun one as well. Mix that with music and food and I still don’t understand why it has taken so long for there to be direct links between London and the city that has made having a good time an art!

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