Where is the euro used?

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the euro sculpture in Frankfurt. How many of us could name which currency is used in all member states?

Sterling fell against the US dollar and the euro last week which resulted in some bureaux de change trading the £/$ and the £/€ at level pegging or even below.

People holidaying shortly are going to get a nasty shock when they find how little their money will buy when the go shopping or order a meal in a restaurant.

On top of that, it is common knowledge that some people take the wrong currency with them that one country uses euros when it does not and vice versa.

A study commissioned by the airport parking operator, APH, queried people as to which countries used the euro and which did not. In the two major holiday destinations, Spain and France, it looks as though people knew they needed euros when they visited. But Portugal, one of the biggest destinations for Brits, had only just over half of the sample knowing that it is a euro nation as well. People are pretty ignorant about which currency Cyprus uses. Over two-thirds of responders thought that it didn’t use the euro.

People’s knowledge of up-an-coming tourist destinations like Slovakia and Slovenia was slight with more than 80% of responders not knowing that they used the euro. In the popular hen and stag destinations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia a similar percentage didn’t know that the used the euro either.

So why is our knowledge so bad? The survey was conducted only online but that probably doesn’t matter in this instance. APH hasn’t revealed if the survey was taken across an average of the whole of the population or just those who take overseas holidays. Assuming it is across the entire population then the survey reveals a general ignorance of which countries which use what currencies.

If people don’t plan to holiday in one of the countries about which the lack of knowledge is so high does it matter?

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