The Flybee con

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Fbeware of the fake “Flybee” competition

There is a fake competition at the moment that purports to come from Flybe.

It isn’t and you can tell at a glance that it isn’t because the perpetrators can’t even get the name correct. They say “Flybee” instead of “Flybe.”

The scam works by suggesting that on Flybee’s 20th birthday you can get two free tickets. When you click on the links you could be in trouble.

The airline has posted a notice that comes up on its home page warning of the competition and saying it has nothing to do with them. They ask you not to share the links with anyone else and report the matter immediately to Facebook as they would be the investgating agency and can take down this fake competition. It is believed that Flybe has notified the police of the scam.

Fraudulent competitions, wins and dodgy apartments for rent that don’t exist are classic con tricks that inhabit the travel pages of the web. Many people are hoodwinked by fake online travel agencies each year.

The all=important rule is check with official sites and if it seems to cheap or too good to be true it probably is!

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