Monarch: book or wait?

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To book or not to book?

I’m in two minds about Monarch.

Do I book a ticket or a holiday with them in the next twelve days because they are offering good deals and my money would be protected under the temporary bonding or do I wait until the temporary bond is replaced by a permanent one. If I book now and the company collapses I will get my money back but not the holiday or flight I wanted meaning I would have to start looking all over again. Or do I book elsewhere and feel more secure that I will get my flight?

The background is that, a week ago, it looked as though Monarch which owns not just the airline but Cosmos and Avro, might have been on its uppers. Rumours about its demise were squashed by a rapid response on Twitter and Facebook but The Independent has picked up on the fact that the CAA had chartered planes just in case.

Talks went on between the CAA and the company all week about the renewal of the bond which expired just before midnight yesterday. The owners, Greybull Capital, put in more cash and announced that there would be a new investment rumoured to be about £100 million before the temporary bond expires.

But what if that new investment doesn’t come? That’s my dilemma. On the one-hand, I would not like to see a company that transported 5.7 million of us last year on flights or holidays go under and feel we passengers should support it in the secure belief that our money is protected. On the other and thinking selfishly, my flight can only be at a certain time and will I be able to re-book for those same dates if the company collapses?

Over the next twelve days, the company needs bookings. Without them, the business will suffer. Waiting until the twelve days has elapsed won’t help the company much. It would be a lot better if the company could announce the investment now both for employees as well as existing and future passengers. Every day lost probably means less cash coming into the company and potential business booking elsewhere.

For all in a similar quandary, good luck. My decision? I booked a Monarch flight

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