Croatia sees more British and Irish visitors

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panoramic view of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia welcomed 312,694 visitors from the UK in the first seven months of the year, a 21% increase compared to the same period last year. Those figures don’t even include the peak month of August so it looks as though, yet again, Croatia is going to have a very good year for tourism generally and a cracking year in attracting British tourists.

Just in July there were 624,574 overnight stays which makes u over a third of all the overnight stays for the first seven months of the year showing that the country is still primarily seen as a summer holiday destination.

Looking at tourist visitors overall, the country’s coastal regions remain favoured destinations, with 7,345,402 arrivals between January and July, an increase of 9.4 per cent compared to the same period in 2015. Within the Adriatic areas, Istria is the most popular part with 2.1 million arrivals (up 11.6 %) and the mainland saw 7.9% growth with a total of 1,048,379 tourist arrivals and 1,973,202 overnight stays.

On top of this are the benefits derived from cruise ships docking at Croatian ports and those sailing their own boats around the many islands dotted along the coastline.

There are a few reasons for the large increases in the numbers of Britons and Irish holidaying in Croatia. Firstly it is seen as safe and secondly the weather tends to be warner than here. For example in Split the average temperature over summer tends to be in the mid-twenties making it pleasantly war without being too hot. It is only slightly cooler in Dubrovnik.

Another reason not to be underestimated is the sheer number of flights from regional airports to various cities in Croatia. At least twelve airports in the UK and Ireland have direct flights to Split and slightly more have links to Dubrovnik. There are also regional flights to Zadar and the capital, Zagreb.

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